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Step 5: Understand the phases of event communication

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Step 5: Understanding the phases of event communication

When should you start communicating your event to your audience, helpers and promoters?

There are three key phases in event communication planning: Pre-event, during-event and post-event. Each phase has a different role and potentially different communication channels depending on the target audiences identified.

The pre-event phase can be further broken into long, medium and short term, depending on resourcing and timing.

Communication works best as a cycle that builds momentum toward the event opening. Typically, social media activity peaks immediately before and during the event, winding down in the event’s aftermath. Creating momentum over time helps build excitement at relevant times and ensures people are not bombarded with messages causing them to ‘switch off’.

Want to know when to create excitement and buzz for your event?

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Image: 2011 Santos Tour Down Under, Fleurieu Peninsula.Image courtesy of John Montesi/South Australia Tourism Commission.