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Step 6: Create great content

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Step 6: Create great content

What is content?

Content is everything on your website, such as text, images, videos and sound. Likewise, it is everything that you—or anyone else—posts to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform to do with your event.

It’s vital to create great content, not just buy ‘likes’. ‘Likes’ are not a measure of engagement, but sharing and interacting with content is. When creating content, make sure you:

  • engage your community; don’t ‘advertise’ to them
  • keep it short, snappy, entertaining, newsworthy and involving; you can always link to more information on your website
  • keep it visual, as pictures are between 30% and 150% more engaging than text alone
  • use hash tags to organise your content. Hash tags make it easy to find other posts on a particular topic, working like a virtual filing cabinet for key words and phrases created by different people across the platform.

How can your event make the most of its content?

Click here to develop ideas/stories for your event’s social media calendar.

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Image: Camel Cup, Alice Springs. Image courtesy of Peter Carrol/Tourism NT.