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Step 7: Explore ways to measure your success

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Step 7: Measure your success

How will you know if it is working?

Currently, there is no way to track if social media and other low cost channels directly influence the growth in event attendance numbers. Ticket sales and event attendance are typically used for this.

Most event marketers, however, view it as a vital communication approach, especially for events with a loyal following. It is social media and low cost online/digital channels that allow them to maintain strong relationships and rely on medium term pre-event communication to secure early sales and generate income.

Every social media platform is capable of being measured, and generally there are three types of measurement that event organisers are interested in: community reach; awareness; and engagement.

Looking for ways to track your posts, likes, shares and re-tweets?

Click here to find out more on what tools you can use to measure your success in social media.

ATDW can also help with their e kit tutorials under the sections Analysis and statistics and Social Media.