Gross Value Added

Tourism Economy- Gross Value Added

By excluding payments through the taxation system from Gross Domestic Product, Gross Value Added (GVA) is a more accurate indicator of economic activity. Using this measure, direct tourism GVA increased 7.5% (or $3.4 billion) to $49 billion in current price terms in 2015–16. This represented 3.1% of the national economy, which places tourism ahead of Agriculture, forestry and fishing with a 2.6% share of national GVA.

The tourism industry segments that drove most of the growth in GVA were Food services (up 9.5% to $9.0 billion), Air and water transport (up 9.4% to $8.2 billion), and Accommodation (up 7.1% to $7.5 billion).

Tourism contribution by sector, 2015-16