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Tourism Employment in Australia, 2011−12 to 2029−30

Tourism Employment in Australia, 2011−12 to 2029−30
Release: 11/10/2013

This report examines the employment aspect of tourism supply. In particular, it studies the effects of tourism demand projections on employment generation for the state and territory economies over the period 2011−12 to 2029−30.

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Key Findings

  • Tourism employment is projected to grow at 1.4% per annum (on average),  and will be more likely due to growth in education tourism than in leisure travel; the segment that we might normally look to as an indicator of tourism performance.
  • Total tourism employment for non-business tourism is estimated to increase from 342,800 full time equivalent jobs in 2011−12 to 424,300 by 2029−30.
  • When applied to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Tourism Satellite Account, this represents an increase of 124,300, from 531,900 (2011−12) to 656,200 people (2029−30), in total employed persons for the tourism sector as a whole.
  • Growth is expected to be led by Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and New South Wales due to the projected stronger demand for tourism services in those states when compared to other states and territories.
  • Demand for accommodation and transport services are projected to grow strongly, and will generate high demand for intermediate production and transport workers and the advanced clerical and service worker occupation groups.   
  • Across all states and territories, education tourism is projected to show the strongest growth in tourism output and employment, leading to significant demand for professionals compared to all other occupations.